For governments, citizens and stakeholders, the results of the Ontario-Teranet partnership is an Electronic Land Registration System (ELRS) that delivers faster service, uses modern technology and ensures public interest through continued government ownership and control of the land registration data. Ontario’s ELRS was developed in full collaboration with the Government of Ontario, as well as key stakeholders in the legal community.

As a result, it delivers key benefits to a broad legal, financial and real estate communities, including:

  • Improved reliability and performance of the land registration system
  • Fast and easy remote access to information – eliminate the need to visit a Land Registry Office to perform a search or registration
  • Improved accuracy, data integrity and consistency through pre-population, including the elimination of most redundant and repetitive entries
  • Integrated, streamlined functions through auto-fill and validation checks
  • A paperless system that incorporates a multi-party interface, document encryption and remote registration
  • Real-time information on registered interests in property
  • Consistency of process, rules and records across the province so services can be provided to clients remotely in any location